Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Me again

Another day older. It was a very productive day at work yesterday, especially in the circumstances. You may have read that Viv was at a funeral in the morning. My thoughts were there too. After work, the family came to town to help bring home some boxes of stuff. Two boxes of books, one case of white wine, one box of FTs, two boxes of assorted miscellany. It's needed removing for a while, and the proposed move to other desks has provided the impetus. It was overcast in Stokes Valley, but as we approach Wellington, the weather has improved. Too bad that a southerly is promised for later. In other news, a proposed meeting for a new organisation has been postponed to the New Year. And although not generally celebrated in New Zealand, It's Thanksgiving! No turkey here, just digging out and playing Alice's Restaurant, with rakes and shovels and instruments of destruction. I'll have to check my old website and see if the old links there still work. The front page has had mostly the same links on it since 1996

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