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01:10 pm: Kennedy documentary
Last night, TVNZ showed the BBC documentary about the Kennedy
assassination. Unlike the one they showed in 1993, which turned out to be
from 1983, last night's show seemed to be less than ten years old, taking
advantage of the latest in technology and 3-D imaging. They were able to
show, without any doubt at all, that a single bullet hit both men in the
car, and that a straight line traced back points straight to the book
repository. They interviewed acquaintances of Oswald, including his brother,
and assassinated his character just as comprehensively as he snuffed out the
life of JFK. Not only that, but they could show that there was nothing to
connect Oswald or Ruby to any shady governmental organisation. The Warren
Commission has been exonerated: there was no conspiracy. The BBC has spoken.
I'm glad that this has been straightened out to everyone's satisfaction
after all this time.


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Date:November 24th, 2004 05:34 pm (UTC)
I was waiting for them to mention and explained the misaligned sights (as mentioned in a clip they played from Oliver Stone's film), and they never did! Even if they'd just said the scopes were probably knocked out of alignment when Oswald put the rifle down, or that the film was wrong in stating that they were misaligned (as it was about Oswald's shooting abilities).
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