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Where was I?

Oh yes, Wednesday. Another ordinary day at work, I think you'll find. Wednesday might have been an exciting day, but in fact it turned out not to be. A meeting I had arranged for the evening was cancelled due to lack of interest. Youth group was cancelled, probably because nobody could face having a group. This takes us to Thursday morning. I had to be there at Toastmasters because I still had the banner from the Auckland convention. The train was delayed and I had to jump in a taxi from the sation to the club to get there on time. If the driver had known the way, it would have been even better.
We heard speeches about Brad's life and about Chum buying presents for Christmas. Then it was on to a new day, with the usual reporting. Friday was more of the same, with an auditor turning up to ask me a few questions just as I was about to head out for lunch. No, not that sort of thing: we were working together on a project. It's one of the things about risk management - lots of auditors.
Thoughts for the day: guidelines on priorities in any company. First, whatever it takes to make the payroll system run. After that, offer whatever help the auditors require. Third, the normal things your job requires. I have ordered my work life by these rules since I started work and will continue to do so.
Friday night: the usual sort of Friday night. Saturday, a not so early start followed by some shopping in Lower Hutt. After lunch, I took Viv and the boys to Upper Hutt for a planning meeting, before hightailing into town to buy ST:TOS Season Two in Wellington, as it hadn't reached Lower Hutt yet. Then back up the Valley to collect them, and to sit at home and watch the first disc. It's a fine set of episodes so far. But it's now nearly the end of another day.
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