Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The rest of the week

Most of the rest of the week was pretty quiet from my point of view. On Wednesday evening I took the boys to youth group and brought them back afterwards. Thursday was a very long day: Frank was giving a speech from the "Special Occasion Speeches" manual and needed to present an award. For some reason, he chose me as "most dedicated Toastmaster" and said some generous words and presented me with a bottle of wine. Thank you. The day continued in finest form, and was completed by the department's Christmas drinks and dinner. A good night was had by all. Friday was a fairly quiet day at work.
Today, the boys have had an active day, what with practice and recording of the Christmas pageant before going off to play paintball and see a movie, as well as the Christmas parade - see previous posting. No, I don't know which one.
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