Ian (ringbark) wrote,

There goes another week...whoosh!

I suppose I could do better; I keep on reading LJ but sometimes I don't post as often as I should.
Monday - a normal working day, with the usual Monday things. It was GKP's prizegiving, but it was also Chris's Magical Mystery Tour. I stayed at home and did not much.
Tuesday - a morning that was a normal one, but at lunchtime we took the ferry over to Eastbourne and had a relaxing lunch at Cobar before drifting back home afterwards.
Wednesday - a key work day: some files that i needed to do some reporting arrived today and were duly crunched and processed. An intermission was lunch at Leuven with Srdjan, who used to work with me in Hastings but got to Wellington before I did.
Thursday - The last Toastmasters meeting of the year for Capital Breakfast. The day continued in much the same way as most days, but I met up with Mike F for an evening also at Leuven. Yes, they do have a loyalty scheme.
Friday - DVD release of ROTK. A queue at Whitcoulls like I hadn't seen before. They were selling like the veritable hot cakes.
Saturday - a dodgy sort of day, with a trip to Upper Hutt followed by a trip to the airport to see David off. Yes, David has gone off to visit his homeland. As you will see from vivh and pcfreak8's recent entries, he is now in Auckland, killing time and murdering success until his flight to LAX and LHR takes off. We are just winding down at the end of the day.
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