Ian (ringbark) wrote,


We went to bed after returning from the airport and watching another episode of Star Trek.
As I woke during the night I vaguely thought "Oh, by now David will be..." but when my phone beeped this morning, I had six text messages. Not good.
Everton 1 Liverpool 0 - well, that's not good.
The weather for Wellington - not bad.
Messages from David: first one 2:39am. Still in Auckland - technical problem with the plane - then another one an hour later to say he was in a hotel in Auckland.
So, it was fairly anxious today as we waited for more messages.
The church children's presentation came and went, including a stark presentation by David from a digital video recorded earlier. He took the role of Gabriel, with a deeper voice than mine.
After lunch, I dropped Viv off or the ladies' Christmas trip, and received a text from David, whose revised itinerary now looks like this:
11DEC NZ464 dep 1730 Wellington                 arr 1830 Auckland
12DEC NZ 24 dep 1615 Auckland                   arr 2105 Rarotonga, Cook Islands (previous day)
12DEC NZ 24 dep 2220 Rarotonga (previous day)   arr 0005 Papeete, Tahiti
12DEC NZ 24 dep 0235 Papeete                    arr 1210 Los Angeles, CA
12DEC VS 24 dep 2105 Los Angeles                arr 1530 London Heathrow

So he will have had an overnight stay in Auckland, aa late evening and a middle of the night stop on his way to LA, nine hours in the airport or elsewhere in Los Angeles and an overnight flight to London, where he will arrive approximately 59 hours after his first flight took off. Even I have never had a trip like that. It's a learning experience, isn't it? He'll learn a lot from this.
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