Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Goodness me, what a slacker

People will think I'm a slacker if I don't put something here soon...
Tuesday was Shrove Tuesday, but that didn't mean pancakes. The children at church had been making those on Sunday, but today there was no time for it. I scarcely had time to get home from work before it was time to go out to another parish meeting. That didn't go on too long.
Wednesday was the business meeting we had been working towards, and I think it went well, given all the issues surrounding it, which I don't care to discuss in such a public forum as this.
The evening saw the first meeting of Valley Gourmets, an attempt to revive an almost dead Toastmasters club.
Today, the early Thursday start on a very windy morning, with my role again that of grammarian, this time filling in for an absentee. I encouraged the proper and imaginative use of adjectives, and the meeting was a very lively one. A work meeting at one o'clock meant I couldn't get to a lunch at 1 pm. My loss was the Golden Arches' gain, I'm sorry to say.
It's still pretty busy around here, and I'm glad to be home tonight, even taking David to and from music practice.
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