Ian (ringbark) wrote,

It's been a while

I'm pretty much going to ignore the last week and a half, because I haven't written anything about it. It's been a pretty ordinary time, except for the absence of David. Work, avoiding washing dishes, sleeping, reading, drinking coffee...
The last couple of days have been industrious at work, as we scramble to get some reports finished before Christmas. Our whole unit will be closed from the afternoon of 24th till the morning of 5th, so we can't avoid to miss any deadlines.
Tonight, the two younger boys were out at a barbecue, so vivh and I went out to Little India in Lower Hutt. They had been kind enough to send us a $20 voucher, seeing as I'm a regular at their Wellington branch (see entries for Fridays passim). We used it tonight, seeing as we have a tendency to lose such vouchers.
bamboobowboy has posted another entry! This just in: English winters are cold. Still, he seems to be having a good time.
Here, it's time for a coffee before we call it a day again.
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