Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Yesterday - Tuesday

After a couple of days of doing not very much except tidying up a bedroom, we had a more industrious (but still pretty laid back) day yesterday.
We started off by going to Leuven for breakfast, where I had crepes with salmon, asparagus and cream cheese, Viv had an omelette with mushrooms, spring onions and cheese and the boys both had a T-bone steak with fried eggs. Very tasty indeed. The $50 voucher we had for the place helped defray costs.
Then we were supposed to go the movies, but our pause at Dymocks bookstore delayed us longer than intended. We ambled slowly through town via Cuba to Courtenay Place, where we supported Whitcoulls, another bookshop. Then it was off to Copenhagen icecream stand for a dairy and sugar fix before we went off to Reading to watch The Incredibles. More fun than we expected. By then, it was time to come home, so we walked back through town, drove home, called in at Mr india to find out when they were open and closed over the break. Closed 1-7 Jan and also 8 Jan if the cricket is on. But then we admitted our desires and sent the boys out for fish and chips while we drove there again for a light meal.
After that, it was bedtime for boys and then we watched our nightly episode of ST:TOS. Last night it was The Empath, probably one of the worst.
So far this morning, nothing has happened. We might go and play petanque somewhere if the weather stays fine.
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