Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Easy few days

Well, not a great deal has happened over the past few days. We took out car for repairs: replacement of a headlight and a brake light, adjustments to exhaust. these were needed, more so as we will be off to Auckland in a week or so.
Apart from that, very little: yesterday we walked down to the shops to pick up something for lunch and to post some cards; today we got the car back which meant that we didn't have to get the bus down to Hutt Hospital to have our last Mr India treat of the year. We now know that they will be reopening on 8 January, as the Sri Lankan team is going home.
The events in Southeast Asia are still beyond belief: the recorded death toll climbs with each day that passes and we know that the drownings will be at least matched by those who succumb to disease over the next few weeks.
A couple of weeks ago, I sought out the assistance of one of my work colleagues: Indika said he couldn't help much, as he was off to visit his family in Sri Lanka for two months, and pointed me to one of his colleagues for assistance; meanwhile Viv wonders about two school families who had set off there.
There are just four hours before the new year reaches Aotearoa; half an hour till the TVNZ review of the year.
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