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05-01-03 or 01-03-05 or something

Today was cybercafe day. vivh, pcfreak8, chrish, scotty, imad and ringbark went off to iplay today, where we played, among other things, Age of Mythology: The Titans. A long session, followed by tea at Burger King.
I also bought a DVD cleaner which is going some of the way to stopping long movies from stalling and spluttering as we watch, but it's still not ideal. Maybe we should have bought a better DVD player in the first place? I also got a long phone cable so that I could connect direct to the net from the older machine as the Bluetooth connection hasn't worked properly since XP SP2 installed. However, that's now been sorted out and I'm now surfing without a wire again.
This means that I have a net connection on IWH-2003, which has just updated ZoneAlarm, McAfee virus, Prime95 and is working through a long XP update which is currently sitting on 46%.
Congatulations to anyone celebrating a wedding anniversary, whether 45 years or 18 years.
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