Ian (ringbark) wrote,

First phone email post of the year

Welcome to the new year of phone postings. Three days of work, preparing end of quarter figures, before two weeks away. This means I have to be hard working while the others think it's still fairly quiet. Wednesday night saw flooding again, though we were saved the worst of it except for the rain itself and a very brown and angry Hutt river. The sun is out today, however, and we believe David to be in California on his way back to us. The last evenings have been fairly quiet, but then so have the mornings. Apart from the singing. Viv noticed yesterday that I am very short of suitable clothes for Vila, so I have a day or so to put that right. Some shorts are called for, and maybe a couple of pairs of socks that match my sandals. I've got my hat. It's mostly useful for keeping the rain off my head at the moment. In other news: icebergs have been sighted in N Z waters for the first time since 1948. Civil defence officers in Kapiti didn't sound the flood warning sirens y'day in case they frightened people.

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