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David is home

Friday was my last day at work before our holiday, so I was working hard until almost 6 o'clock on friday, which was a pity because nearly everyone was either at home or still drinking at that stage. It's also a pity because it also meant I forgot to pick up my trousers from the dry cleaners.
A quiet Friday night followed, with nothing memorable happening. My delegated memory tells me that I spent ages playing a game of Galactic Battlegrounds, and I think that's probably right.
An episode of Star Trek before bed and then we were asleep. I woke later than most of the others, so I only caught the end of the thunderstorm. Down State Highway 2, noticing the extensive flooding at Belmont on the northbound carriageway. We went round the bays to the airport, but there really wasn't any point. What is it they say? You _can_ beat Wellington on a lousy day. I may have not quite remembered that right. David's flight from Auckland, surprisingly, was only a few minutes late, but the day was as grey as can be, and continued so. We went back home: it took ages near belmont, where we were directed off the highway, past the people who were sandbagging their house (and with good reason) and back onto the highway just by the Avalon turnoff.
It's good to have David back: we spent quite a bit of time looking at the things he's brought back. We'll probably get round to showing him what we got for Christmas soon, but there isn't much time: off to Taupo/Ngaruawahia/Auckland/Port Vila after church tomorrow, though it will take us till Wednesday to get there.
David is sitting quietly reading a heraldry book while Viv is in David's room playing some Bach music on the piano.
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