Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Vanuatu heat 2

So then what happened? We walked down from Kaivit into town, noting that the town has definitely changed since we were last here. It is more developed, but it has not developed in what we could describe as a Western direction. It's a brand all of its own - some of the western culture is there, but much of it is still very Melanesian. We went around the town and had a lunch at La Terrasse - that hasn't changed. Matthew, who acquired a taste for croissants and pains chocolats while in France was disappointed that they had run out.
Yesterday we went off to Hideaway Island where we got burned some more. There are a couple of pontoons just off the island and I was pleased to swim to one of them just because I could.
Today we saw magnificent reef and tropical fish from a half-submarine. Yes, Nemo was there. Yes, it was lots of fun. Yes, Vanuatu is still an expensive place to visit, but still paradise, life to the full and more.
More news soon. Be seeing you!
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