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England thrashed

We woke to a rainy morning, though not rainy enough for it to be apparent that David's softball, Matthew's cricket and Christopher's t-ball had been cancelled until after we had set off to deliver David and Matthew to their games.
We then set off to Whitby to take me to a Toastmasters training morning, while the rest of the family went off to have fun in Porirua.
After we had finished and met up again, we set off for Taita station to get the train to Wellington. The presence of an extra train and a larger crowd than usual showed us that the one-day international was still on. By this stage, the weather had picked up and there were blue stripes in the sky.
We arrived at the stadium at about 2:20, just in time for a weather-delayed 2:30 start. England had won the toss and chosen to field, I think the right decision. The outfield was incredibly wet, with hard hits not making it to the boundary, being stopped by the fielders because they were so slow or simply by stopping short of the boundary altogether.
New Zealand put together a creditable score of 244 for 8 in their 50 overs. This was always going to be a fairly challenging score.
During the break, we were surprised by the arrival on the field of Peter Jackson, who wanted to use the Wellington crowd to record sound effects for the forthcoming LOTR film, with us providing the sounds of marching, cheering and other sorts of orcs.
After a little while, the cricket restarted, with England batting. The first over was a maiden, a run off the first ball of the second over, and then Trescothick was bowled, leaving England at 1 for 1, a situation from which, frankly, they never recovered. Wickets fell steadily until they were all out for a pitiful 89 at just after 9 o'clock, enabling us to catch a train home at 9:30 and be home before the game might reasonably be expected to have finished.
The train was very crowded with both jubilant New Zealand fans and more sombre England fans. There is undoubtedly a very large English population in New Zealand, many of whom were at the game, and are presumably considering applying for NZ citizenship after this very disappointing performance.
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