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11:32 am: Satellite failure
Good morning from Vanuatu, where the country is just recovering from the loss of Intelsat 804, the satellite which provided all the international connectivity - so no phones, email, web or banking services till alternatives were fixed up!
While you were away "satellite failure - rest of world cut off" we have been on a variety of exciting trips, including a jet boat trip in the morning on Saturday (for which we had to find imaginative means of payment) which was totally awesome - think the Huka Jet but faster, warmer, smaller boat and salt water. The same afternoon we went to feed some fish, turtles and sharks. So with the Jets in the morning and the Sharks in the afternoon, it was a veritable West Side Story day.
Sunday to the Family Worship Centre where we used to go and then to Erakor Island, where it rained hard in the afternoon, causing us to abandon our trip and try again on Monday.
Monday evening to the Hash House Harriers - that hasn't changed much!
Tuesday we went on a trip to Lelepa Island - that's a trip to an offshore island that wasn't a tour option available before - a hot and exciting day, looking at prehistoric caves with handprints, learning about herbs, swimming...
Yesterday we hired a car and drove round the island. It's still a white-knuckle ride, some bits or roads are betters, lots aren't! We found that Whitesands Resort has closed. But we did get to the WWII museum and we took a trip through the mangrove swamp to look at a plane that came down in the water in 1944? when it ran out of fuel and had to ditch.
Today, tidying up some loose ends, confirming our pickup tomorrow morning, eating icecreams, walking around town - off to Le Meridien (ex-Radisson) after lunch. I'll fill in the details some time when it's not 20 vt per minute.


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Date:January 21st, 2005 01:44 am (UTC)
That's an expensive connection! You can paste your post at the last moment, I guess?
Glad you had a good time over there!
It's been pretty quiet here... except for all the earthquakes LOL!!
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Date:January 23rd, 2005 07:43 am (UTC)

We're back!

It wouldn't really help...using a word processor there is scarcely cheaper. We come back to Stokes Valley in the rain, where we seem to be completely unscathed from the recent exciting quakes. As I type this, I look out on dull brown skies, and the reflection that on driving up to Auckland and back, i drove ten times as far as I did in Vanuatu (when we hired a car one day to drive round the island).
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Date:January 23rd, 2005 08:50 am (UTC)

Re: We're back!

Welcome back!!! I'm glad you survived intact, both over there and in Stokes Valley!
I'm sure we'll have a lovely sunny February ;)

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