Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Much better terminal

Decenet screen, decent keyboard. By the cafe that serves enormous lattes with muffins (£4.09 but let that pass) It means I can sit and type and reflect, though at the moment there isn't much to reflect on. I do know that the clothes I have been wearing since about 7am Friday NZ and the shave I had at the same time are at the end of their useful lives, and if nothing else, I'm looking forward to a change of clothes and a shower when I arrive on Merseyside. This will make a difference to my frame of mind, I am sure. Further thanks to wellwishers. I'm bound to say that I am not convinced that the prognosis is good, but I am here now. I am also thinking of jiggery_pokery, who seems to be in a similar position to me. Chris, I'll be in touch.
Any minute now, the flight to Manchester will be boarding and I'll be on my way. Saturday lunchtime isn't a time that makes the British Midland lounge a hive of activity. I would guess that it was positively humming just 20 hours ago, however!
That is all.
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