Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Update on news

It's now Tuesday evening in England.
I arrived at Manchester Airport at around 1:45pm on Saturday afternoon and was met by my cousin, who had just received a message that we should go straight to the hospital, so after a flight of 33 hours, we did. I had hoped for a change of clothes and a shower first, but no.
We spoke to a doctor first off, and then I went in to see my mum. Her face lit up for a while when she saw me walk in, and she undoubtedly knew who I was and we said a few words, but there is nothing to escape the fact that she was very confused and distressed throughout. After a couple of hours, another cousin and her husband arrived, and we were able to duck out for a while to give me a chance to have a shower, a shave and a change of clothes, after which I did feel much more human. We returned, but mum was still very distressed. I don't want to go into details here.
On Sunday, we went again. I'm already uncertain as to the day that they tried dialysis and it din't work because her blood pressure was too low. For a big woman who has always suffered high blood pressure, that was a shock. So with multiple organ failure (mainly kidneys but also some liver, stomach and heart/lungs) there was little to be done but to make her comfortable. She was moved into a side room and eventually we left her. I'm told she calmed a little from the medication she was given, but we got a call early on Monday morning to say she was having trouble breathing. She died at round 6:45am, just before we got there. When we saw her, she seemed so peaceful after all that she had been through over the past months and weeks.
I had expected my mum to die while I was here, but not so soon into my visit here. We're now into the planning and administration phase. I've called most of the relatives and friends I can think of, and the funeral is fixed for Tuesday 8th February at 10am GMT at Landican. The admin part will continue to be troublesome throughout. What do we do with a house on the other side of the world to our family? How easy is it to sort out bank accounts, insurance and shares? Mum and dad were the original "mom and pop" shareholders so they had small holdings in many companies.
Today I went into Birkenhead, as much to see how the place has and hasn't changed as to buy things. My cousin Alison seems to be in a reasonable shape, but I'm not sure. She was very close to mum, seeing her every day and doing many of the things I couldn't do because I'm 12,000 miles away and she is bound to be very affected. Thanks to her for being there, and thanks also to sheaj34 and Andrew, not just for letting me borrow their computer and type this, but for their support and friendship (and for dinner this evening too). I came here about an hour ago and I've been testing Ben on his science homework.
Things are starting to look a little brighter, though the visit as a whole is fairly bleak, of course.
Love to you too, vivh, even if you have just logged off. I visited Thorntons this afternoon, just for you.
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