Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Thursday night

The first version of this got eaten.
It's been a very busy few days, of course. I spoke to the local council yesterday to let them know that an ex-councillor had died, and today I saw that the flags on all the civi buildings were at half-mast (US:half-staff) and that was a good thing to see.
I now have the death certificates, but it's like wading through treacle to get anything from financial organisations.
In other news, the house three up the road from mum's is on the market and they want offers in the region of 325,000 pounds, for which I could buy a veritable mansion on Oriental Parade.
Thanks to you all for you best wishes and thoughts: it's been good to know that there are real friends online as well as offline. When I get back, I hope that we can find time to meet up with takahe and her faimily. Meanwhile, it\s late here, though still early in New Zealand.
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