Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Saturday evening

Friday came and went, with a visit to the undertaker and to the shops, where I successfully bought a white shirt, a black tie and a new pair of shoes. The shoes were the most difficult, though buying a plain black tie is not as easy as it should be.
I'm still working round the living room walls, trying to wipe twenty years of nicotine from the wallpaper. It's slow work, but the room is already looking a lot brighter. This could also be because I have replaced on of the light tubes there, though if it matched the other one, it would be even better.
Alison and i dropped a small gift off at the hospital to acknowledge the staff's work during mum's last illness, and then we called in at cousin Linda's.
Now at sheaj34's house, drinking coffee and enjoying hospitality. Tomorrow I hope to go off to St Andrew's, my original church.
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