Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Wednesday night...

Viv needed to call about an ongoing problem in the early hours of the morning, which was late afternoon in New Zealand. We spoke later at length about the future of the house in England. Just after that, a call from a contents valuer. Would this afternoon be too soon? Not at all...he arrived and walked round the house about 12:30 and talked into his tape recorder describing everything Mum owned and what he reckoned it was worth. Before that, a house valuer had called. I'll be seeing him on Friday afternoon.
After that, I went to the bank in New Ferry before walkinground Bebington and looking at how the places I remember from my youth have changed...
A trip to Birkenhead followed, at which I bought an appropriate gift for some friends. Pretty soon after that I walked round to Steve and Chris's house, where I am now using a laptop to post to LJ. Thank you to them for a delicious dinner, a lift to their short Ash Wednesday cdommunion service, friendship and support.
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