Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Wednesday morning, Manchester Airport

There was even more to do last night than I had time for. Viv's flights are booked and as I type this she should just be boarding a flight to Los Angeles. I'm at the business cetre at Manchester Airport. I didn't sleep at all well, so eventually I gave up and got up and had an early breakfast before going over to Liverpool on the train and on to Manchester Airport on the other train.
Merseyside was quite clear, but as we got closer to Manchester, a heavy frost became more and more apparent. As we reached a point just outside the airport, we stopped at a signal where there was a cutting with thick frost on both sides...
The walk from the station to Terminal 3 is not a short walk, but I'm in plenty of time, thankfully. That's about it for now. Viv will be back home, able to support her mother better than I could ever hope to do about Friday lunchtime.
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