Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Here I am at LAX

There really wasn't much to say about the journey from London to LA. It was an eleven hourflight, including lamb stew, a turkey sandwichandnothing worth watching or listening to.
On arrival at LAX, anAir China plane was hogging our gate, so we had to wait till it was towed awaybefore we could dock and disembark ("deplane") successfully.
On arrival at the hotel, obviously not far enough from the airport, casing the taxi driver to curse in a
language I didn't recognise, I went up to the room where Viv was waiting, fairly patiently, looking remarkably good, having changed and showered and put on her best smile.
After that, it was dinnertime, so we went down to the restaurant, where we had swordfish (me) and chicken (Viv).
After a night's sleep, we had a full American breakfast andwentoff for a part day at Universal Studios. Features included Shrek 4-D and The Mummy rides, and a backlot tour which hasn't changed much but now features a dramatic scene fromthe forthcoming "War of the Worlds".
The worst taxi driver on the planet than took us back to near the airport leaving us to find the hotel, get Viv's bags and check in in less time that we like for an international flight.
I went back to USH and went on Jurassic Park again, followed by Backdraft and then had a pizza and a coffee before I too needed to go back to the hotel. I used the metro, which was faster, cheaper and more reliable than this abominable driver, whose details I will post later.
But now I'm at the airport, waiting to leave and wondering why stupid security means I have to remove myshoes before I can get on a flight. Does it give the TSA some strange feeling of power?
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