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06:55 pm: Eulogy
The eulogy I gave at my mother's funeral is now online at http://baptism.co.nz/mfh.html


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Date:February 22nd, 2005 06:39 pm (UTC)
Oh Ian, that was a great eulogy, well done. It must have been hard for you.
I have been missing posts because my LJ is playing up, but I'll work around it.

I hope things get back to a settled existence for you soon.
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Date:February 24th, 2005 04:59 pm (UTC)


The tribute that Viv gave this afternoon at Domel's funeral was very moving. I do not know how Viv managed to convey so much personal thoughts to us all with the composure that she had. Viv talked about the strength of her Dad, but the strength that Viv had to make such a moving speech was all the evidence we needed to see strength of character had been passed down from father to daughter. The funeral was well attended, and I recognised many people from my days at St Andrew's. It was a faith filled ceremony, and there was comfort in that Domel had believed so strongly in our risen Lord. The short service at Landican was difficult for me, as it was at the same chapel that I said good-bye to Bob. To be fair, I think all services at Landican are difficult, as it is such a cold, bleak place. At least in a church there is the full circle of life with celebrations of weddings and baptisms. At Landican it is all so sorrowful. (Perhaps it would feel different if local church congregations sometimes met there to Praise and Worship).
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