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10:21 pm: Catch up on a long week
On Monday, I was up bright and early, and full of the joys of late summer in New Zealand. Tuesday was harder to rise and shine in the morning, while on Wednesday, it was a very ordinary sort of day. The days get strained by telling over and over the excitement of the last few weeks, an excitement which, quite frankly, I could well have done without. Nevertheless, when we left England in 1990, we knew that sooner or later, these days would come.
Thursday was a day without Toastmasters, but with a memorial service for domel in the evening. His funeral in the afternoon in England and at 2am Friday in NZ is described in comments to my last post; the memorial was a low-key service with a small attendance, but gave David, Matthew and me some opportunity to say a few words.
On to Friday. I spoke to Viv and her mum to find out how things were going. It seems to have been a peaceful funeral, and they had just had their tea when I called.
We sent out for pizza here, and then watched some more episodes of Timeslip before calling it a night.

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