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10:07 pm: Saturday
Just spoke to vivh in England to wish her a happy birthday. The boys did likewise. Let us backtrack a little to the start of the day. It took a while to get going, but once it did, we went into town and had a look around the space exhibition at te papa. Message to Wellingtonians: save your money. Though the three winning videos from the Transit of venus competition were there.
After that, we went off to One Red Dog for a late lunch. I had my usual, the gourmet Hawaiian, while David had his usual, the green Thai chicken. The other boys had their usual simple and boring pizzas.
Pretty soon, it was back home and the boys watched Zorro while I did nothing useful. At teatime, we went off to the supermarket to pick up boring but essential items and to check up on a couple of prices for jaq's survey. Then it was home, eating, talking to Viv and then off to bed. Tomorrow will be another day.

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