Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Another journey by bus and train. Or cup and unit. Whatever...

The bus was late, so I caught it! I'm still in time for the unit, however. It's a dull morning here, a bit muggy. The weekend is almost upon us, and this weekend will bring music exams, birthday parties but not church council retreats. One was scheduled but is now postponed. Chris will celebrate eleven years, while our friend Raewyn and her sister Robyn celebrate fifty years each. Yes, twins. As the unit pulls into Waterloo, it is obvious that we will fill up, though a full train in Wellington is still nothing like a full train in London or Los Angeles. The metro in L.A. is fascinating to me, as most of the time I'm the only Caucasian on board. The rest are parked on the freeway in their chromium plated doss houses. Thank you to all my readers, and a happy Passion Sunday to you all, if I'm not back before then, though I may well be! That is all.

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