Ian (ringbark) wrote,

The weekend is nearly gone already

After work on Friday, it was time to go home...what happened on Friday night? Not very much, if I remember correctly, and I probably do.
Saturday morning and we all zipped off to central Wellington, where Matthew and Christopher were taking music examinations. While they did that, vivh and i went over to the Reading complex and bought breakfast and some gift vouchers and a birthday present for Matthew, which he won't be seeing till June. Then it was off home (after we picked up the boys) and setting up for Chris's birthday party, which was in the form of playing at a cybercafe. We sprinted off to catch the train back into town, and just caught the 1.47 out of taita. While the boys were at iplay, Viv and I went to see Constantine and my advice is not to do the same. Just because it's got Keanu Reeves in it, it's a big hit in NZ, but there's little to recommend it. The audience seemed much too young for such a graphic film. Or am I just turning into a fuddy-duddy?
Then it was off to Burger King, followed by the trip round Stoke Valley taking people home, before we zipped off to Heretaunga College for a 100th birthday party. Well, the 50th party of two twins...
It was a fine night, with top quality finger food and plenty to drink, and we left soon after 11.
Off to sleep, then off to church this morning, where the highspot (for me at least) was a monologue of Peter telling the story of Lazarus from John ch 11.
Then David went off to archery and we went to The Warehouse The Warehouse where everyone gets a bargain and Chris bought something to save his birthday money burning a hole in his pocket for more than 24 hours.
More tidying up in the living room, followed by picking David up from archery, followed by supermarket shopping (I suppose - we haven't been to the supermarket yet).
The evening is ahead of us. Tidying? Washing up? Watching a couple of DVDs? Playing cards? Boardgames? Absinthe drinking? Who can tell?

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