Ian (ringbark) wrote,

St Patrick's Day

In my home city, the day is not celebrated much, but in a city as Catholic as Wellington, there is no missing it. The Black Harp was a place no sane man would venture near tonight. Great throngs of humanity had spilled out of the house and marquee onto the street, and that was just at five o'clock. In case anyone missed it, the departure boards at Wellington station were al declaring 'Happy St Patrick's Day' and the trains were running reasonably to time. No, we had nothing to do with the crash on Highway 2 near Upper Hutt, though Viv was inconvenienced by the through traffic directed onto our little roads. It's been a speaking day today, starting with a speech early in the morning about our adventures in Zimbabwe and finishing with more coaching of this year's orator from St Bernard's College. Marist yes, but not St Patrick! Now heading home after a long day also spent in the management of credit risk. But aren't all days spent that way? As usual, a promise of more later, perhaps.

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