Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Baby don't cry, elephants never die

Five points for anyone who can identify the subject line. Daylight saving finished here yesterday, and another foggy day kept up the excitement at Wellington Airport. The test match is less cheerful, however, as it seems that the home team could well be without a chance. Again. It's been a very busy and exciting day at the office, but a confidentiality agreement stands between me and you. In other news, there are also things I don't want to publish here yet, so maybe you are wondering when there will be real content here. There is real content at starwars.com in the shape of the new Episode 3 trailer. 31 megabytes sucked through a dial up straw. Well worth the wait. Far more to it than we have seen before. But how many downloads have there been? I know that in 1977 there wouldn't have been many people who could have downloaded that much, yet these days we do it with scarcely a second thought. How quickly The World Is Changing! Notice how I switched trilogy just like that? Must be nearly tea time...

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