Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Good morning

Welcome to the sitster working week. Live from the bus stop at the entrance to Stokes Valley, where it is dry but humid. It's been quite a weekend, but not just because the Sharks won. On the bus now, it's almost empty, to say nothing of very quiet, even with the roar of the diesel engine which normally I don't even notice. Viv will be out when I get home: planning for the Kids Games programme during the school holidays. After that, maybe a painting session if It's not too late. As for me and the boys, probably fish and chips and a quiet night. On the platform, I don't see any of the people I recognise. Just the 0745 train, late as expected. It is very quiet here too. I never realised how noisy school children are. A chorus of voices in my head says: 'So! You're not a teacher! Not even a little bit!' An express train has turned up, so I have got on that. It's moving, so that's a bonus. Mr Sun has come to say hello and brighten our day. Hope this meandering post has brightened yours...

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