Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Quiet weekend

A quiet weekend, though that's probably not a good description for a weekend that saw the death of a great world leader. What now? The first New Zealand Pope? Probably not. I haven't seen his name on the list of hopefuls. Family news: lots more rubbish discarded. Most rooms almost habitable again. We also heard from Viv's mum, who has been doing things like going to the flower nursery, church and even the theatre. Didn't catch the title, something about Einstein and Marilyn Monroe. And all the magazines I offered at ebay have reached their reserve. All that remains now is to get the money for them, and I'll be all set. I might even sell more stuff and become a millionaire. Or not. Does everyone remember the George Ringo joke? Of course, last time that joke was current, all four Beatles were still with us, rather than the most famous drum and bass duo in the world. More ramblings from Wellington follow in a day or so. Be seeing you.

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