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08:56 pm: Viv went out painting last night while I was still coaching our O'Shea orator. This is usually a late night, and last night was no exception. So I was safely tucked up and fast asleep last night by the time she got home. This morning was another day (of course) but still a full one. The Bank's half-year reporting continues apace, while I fit in the other things I need to do. I'm still mentoring a Toastmasters club on Tuesday lunchtimes, and I also needed to send some emails and fill in some forms, because, for the first time, I have sold something on ebay! Arcane magazines that I was fairly sure were saleable, so I didn't just want to throw them out. The problem is that postage from New Zealand could conceivably be a a problem. But, I sent out an invoice (well, four invoices) and received a payment in next to no time. So I need to carry a pile of magazines down to the post office tomorrow.
Meanwhile, Matthew pcfreak8 is downloading a game demo (208MB), the triumph of optimism over reality, and also the means to slow down a dialup link for HOURS.
And they are watching "Cold Case". Should they be? Viv is out again, this time at a meeting to plan the holiday programme, with three people who aren't noted for finishing meetings early.

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