Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Pope domino effect

So the Pope's funeral will delay Charlie's wedding, and Charlie's wedding will delay the Grand National. It's a funny old world. Meanwhile, life here continues. Writing a piece about the evolutionary theory moves up the to-do list but still isn't near the top. The autumn sunshine continues, though the mornings are getting colder and darker. And I still post my entries on the bus or train, even if that is deeply disturbing to some. Not while I'm driving, however. That would be a habit that could come to a sudden end, along with all my other habits. Today, a banking institute committee meeting, which should have a link with the CEO in Melbourne. How exciting! I haven't taken part in a teleconference for ages now. Maybe last year when a colleague got an award. I can see the light in the distance, and it is an express train hurtling towards me. That is all.

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