Ian (ringbark) wrote,

all set for another day in paradise

We were both home for most of last night, so we put the time to good use clearing out our main food cupboard. Lots of the food and containers have gone to the great pantry in the sky, or the land fill at Silver stream, as the case may be. Cracked jars, out of date produce, mouldy fruit, duplicates or triples of items, varnish, saint, birthday candles, flasks, cricket bats, wine, wine substitute, we had the lot. And all the stuff at the bottom lightly dusted with flour. Then Viv went off to pick up the boys and everyone eventually went off to bed. In other news, Star Wars tickets go on sale this morning. And Dominick Hide still hasn't arrived. Give him a chance, he only left England on Monday. Today looks all set to be a glorious day, don't forget the solar eclipse at sunrise on Saturday. Be seeing you.

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