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Saturday catch up

Saturday has given me the chance to catch up on a few things. The morning saw Matthew go off to Trentham for cricket (which was later rained off). David, meanwhile, went to Naenae, where there was no sign of a softball game, while Christopher's coach had decided that as he couldn't get a full team for a home game, there was no chance of getting enough to go over the hill to Wainuiomata.
We went off to Porirua to pay for Matthew's bike and buy some birthday presents for a party this afternoon. Viv and the boys set off to the party, leaving me to catch up on some other things I needed to do. It was such a hot afternoon that I didn't complete the tasks, but I got a long way through it.
When they came back, I had finished in the kitchen and was listening to Peter Gabriel's third album, in German, which I bought back in 1980. Now that we have replaced the stylus, a whole range of music is now available to me again.
The evening has been a quiet one. Both Viv and I failed to win a wonder race in Age of Kings (moderate, 7 opponents, pop limit 50, Norse lands, everyone a Viking) but not much else has happened here tonight.
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