Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Phone Post:

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“Good morning again from stokes valley where if anything it's even foggier than it was yesterday morning. There's no sign of a bus yet, so I'm going to carry on for a few minutes. Some people are surprised because they've never heard my voice before, so Good morning to you. Good morning also to <lj user="617"> who I'll be having tea with in Wellington tonight. It's ... foggy but it's still warm and it's still quite humid here in the valley. Not the slightest bit of blue visible in the sky. Ah, maybe just a little bit right overhead. So generally if you want to look at blue you have to look at (inaudible) pictures. A very good morning to anyone else who might be reading this -- but you wouldn't read it would you? People like <lj user="jiggery_pokery"> who might be reading that, listening to it, or whatever. I suppose it depends if anyone transcribes it. Good morning to <lj user="jaq">, if you're there. Hi to you on this foggy Wellington morning! News this morning from <lj user="chess">. I saw an entry which says <lj user="chess"> is to be married next summer, which is extraordinary news because I didn't even know she was going steady with anyone. Still, you never can tell these days. I'm just rambling which is what I often do when I type the stuff. But at least I don't have to type a livejournal post here this morning because I can just say it. Still foggy, the ars are just whizzing by with their lights on in most cases, some of them side-lights, some of them headlights, and of course some of them will say "Well it's not night so why would I want my lights on" like the white (unintelligible) going past now. That is all. Bye-bye!”

Transcribed by: louderback
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