Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Food and a friend

Just said bye to 617 after dinner. It's always good to put a face to a name I've only known online, though It's something I scarcely ever do. There is someone on the seat behind me on the train who has been playing phone ring tones non stop for the last ten minutes. He may die a horrible death... It was a fun evening, as we explored the past, the present and the future, looking at things we had done, people and places and lots of other stuff. It's always a gamble to meet online friends. This one was a winning bet. But now it is time to go back home and prepare for another exciting night and day. I think one of the boys has a friend sleeping over tonight. Not sure. We'll see. And so another day disappears from the promise of the future to the memory of the past. That's how it is here. I'd be disturbed if it ever came to be otherwise. The trash alert has just lit up, so maybe I should stop now.

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