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06:59 am: Not so quiet after all
I left work at five, but Viv was dealing with the problem that digital photos of photos weren't up to scratch. Our scanner was taken out of retirement, drivers were downloaded from the inter-web-thingy and installed on our July 30 box but to no avail. One side of the scan head is jammed. A phone call to a friend and Viv was off, memory stick and photos in hand. Back just after ten, working on a basic slide show till after one, by which time she, and later I, were freezing. Thanks to Peter and his family and to Open Office, without whom none of this would be possible. I didn't do much at all last night. Some washing dishes, some listening to music, some unwinding, though I was disappointed not to have the night I expected. Tomorrow, Armageddon Pulp Expo at the Events Centre followed by The Hobbit at Michael Fowler. Anyone going there?

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