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05:53 pm: I am 16,000 days old today
Apart from my 16th K-day, other things have been good today. I heard that probate has come through on my mother's estate. I bought bagels as a morning tea for my department for my K-day. I listened to a speaker on 'humour in the workplace' at lunchtime. Most importantly, I told our Head of Department that I am leaving. No, not handing in notice yet, but letting him know. He was very supportive as I outlined the reasons, and seemed grateful that I had let him know. So now, the news is public... Our timeline runs with the house on the market at the end of May and the family leaving at the very beginning of July. Everything is subject to change. Watch this space.

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Date:April 20th, 2005 10:53 am (UTC)
-I am 16,000 days old today
I can absolutely say I have never congratulated anyone on being 16,000 days old before and I suspect this reeks of plunging new depths of geekiness, but, well, congrats for making it safely through sixteen thousand days...
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