Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Christopher's birthday

Christopher's birthday started in the expected manner, with boys up early in the morning but me struggling with the concept. Still, when I did surface, i saw Christopher pleased to receive a bicycle, a Bible, a video of Walking with Beasts and various other bits and pieces. I stumbled out to our local Golden Arches to buy breakfast, but found that their frier was not working, so there were no sausages in the big breakfast and no hash browns either. They filled in with a sausage pattie and an extra buttered muffin. That wasn't the end of the story - being early in the morning, the drive-through window was still locked and they couldn't get it open. They brought the meals out to the car, and as I drove away they seemed to be setting about the window with a screwdriver.
At the office, work was steady as usual, with a break for lunch of course. Disappointing lunch at Mezzini's - the place seems to have deteriorated recently. the blackboard with the list of special order pizzas has been removed. Pity. I had been looking forward to a Chick Berry, but it wasn't to be. After lunch, we went back to the office to carry on doing whatever it is we do. Normally I stay for a couple of drinks on a Friday, but seeing as it was Chris's birthday, i left earlier, just in time to catch one of the express trains at 5:42 or 5:45. Just before six, it became apparent something was wrong: it seems that the overhead lines at Waterloo are down, meaning that there are no trains getting through at all. We were promised a bus in thirty minutes, stretching to fifty minutes, stretching to an indefinite delay.
Eventually, I walked up the platform asking for people to share a cab to Taita. i found a load, and we set off about a quarter to seven. No, I know it's not ideal for a son's birthday, but what can we do?
The boys were watching Walking with Beasts at home when I got back. Then Jill called from Christchurch - she'll be in Wellington tomorrow on her way back to Hawkes Bay. And in just a few minutes, Blue Heelers starts a new series.

Now, some lunches from earlier in the week. Wednesday was another meal at the Belgian establishment Leuven, where I had a beef stew and very filling it was too. Striking but not to my taste was Michael's pot of a kilogram (that's 2.2 pounds for those unversed in the metric system) of mussels in their shells.
Thursday lunch was a quick snack from the Arches, as we had a corporate video to watch. Thursday night saw a Toastmasters meeting followed by supper at an "Irish" pub, where I had irish stew and mash. Today, a chicken schnitzel at Mezzini's and pizza later on.

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