Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Countdown continues

Now that the people at work know, it's much easier to let everyone else know. I'm sure that the next few weeks will have little else, though there are the regular and gregulap things already planned. Moody Blues tonight. Forthcoming: O'Shea Shield in Masterton. Toastmasters Convention in Tauranga. I will be flying to that one: don't want to drive all that way! But mostly, organisation of freight, house sale, travel, disposal of furniture and cats, all the other things, resignations, farewell events. You know the sort of thing. As for today, it is fine but very crisp. You can play at dragons just by exhaling out of doors. Waterloo Station. A sea of poppy-wearing commuters surge onto the train and take their seats. The sun shines. That is all.

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