Ian (ringbark) wrote,


Good evening,

What a day that was! A vicious storm last night, resulting in freezing cold weather and a hailstorm, as well as an elecric storm. The boys scooped up cups full of hail and stuck it in the freezer, while the lightning fried our modem. This is God's way of telling us it's time to buy laptop computers, something we were already planning to do.
Once the shops were open, we set off into Wellington, where we blew away enormous amounts of money by buying two laptops, a USB modem (for the old desktop machine - notice how yesterday I would have called it the new machine), a 40GB pocket drive and three suitcases we will need for the journey across the world. So now it's time to install all the usual stuff - ZoneAlarm, McAfee, OpenOffice - all the usual suspects.
The living room now looks frighteningly like a computer lab, containing as it does a record four computers and two GameBoyAdvance machines.
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