Ian (ringbark) wrote,

Live from Espresso Republic

It's cool being able to sit at a cafe and write your thoughts like this. A sort of panini and a latte for lunch today. I'm sure it will take me a little while to get used to it.
Yesterday was a fun sort of day: up early for a Toastmasters meeting, where I was the Grammarian. I chose "no more fuzzy thinking" as a theme and encouraged lots of people to use "If ... then ..." structures and "Because..." to show that they weren't fuzzy.
A quiet day at work, a wait at the station and he discovery that wireless internet is wizzo fast. 14 MB in about six minutes. So next time I have a big file to download, it's off to the station or a cafe for me!
Reminder to self: post the Be Wise story shortly.
After I got the train to Waterloo, it was another O'Shea oratory practice, and another 6-8 minutes of live life to the full".
Interruption: Viv had locked her keys in the car. But she still got to her appointment.
This morning, more of the same, including a morning tea to "welcome us to the floor". Thanks.
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