Ian (ringbark) wrote,

What about the weekend?

Well, the weekend is well gone. What happened? I took David to his softball game. His team won for the first time since Christmas, beating a team that hadn't lost since Christmas.
After that, it was nearly time for Christopher's party, part here at home at partly at Stokes Valley Pool.
After that, time for a leaders meeting at church. Next thing you know and it's Sunday morning and church time, with lunch after and a curry in the evening and the weekend's over.
Sunday night, enormous crash in the kitchen, top shelf in the kitchen cupboard has deposited its contents on the floor.

Monday came and went in the usual way, had bagels for lunch. Viv was as Toastmasters in the evening. Tuesday saw a BAINZ committee meeting at lunchtime, but there was time available afterwards, so Tim and I went and had a quick bagel for lunch. Board of Trustees training and meeting for Viv so I stayed at home looking after the boys.
Wednesday came and went, but no bagels today, just a quick burger while I strove to finish a report at work. Bible study and then coffee and diary writing.
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