Ian (ringbark) wrote,

No sign of any wireless service, so I'm perched on a seat at Vodafone, as is my wont at such times.
Looks like Blair will be back, but with a reduced majority, though it might be quite different by the time I get to Auckland...
They serve a fine foccacia sandwich at the cafe here at the airport, which should sustain me for a while to come.
I have discovered that I have no means of getting cash with me, as I have started to get rid of some cards and not replaced them yet. I don't want to draw cash against an otherwise innocent credit card, as that will result in far too much interest. So I'll be using credit and charge cards for most of the weekend, unless I can get to my bank somewhere before it closes...which seems unlikely.
I haven't seen any Toastmasters yet today, but I did spot one of my co-workers out on the road as the bus passed by my office.
That is all.
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