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28.8 in Tauranga

In Wellington, I met up with a few other Toastmasters just after my last posting, and in Auckland I explained why we are going back. Clive introduced me to a lady as "a Toastmaster from Masterton Club" and while this may well have been true, it certainly wasn't the whole truth. Four of us shared a taxi van into Tauranga, after one eventualy arrived.
I'm now connected to the net in a hotel, which is cool! Less cool is having to spend time on the phone to TelstraClear to find out what access number I needed to use, and connecting at 28.8 kb isn't thrilling either. So here I am, typing away with appropriate music in the background.
While I've been away, Ben Chapman has held Wirral South, while Tony has held onto the country. And as far as I can tell, all the seats on Merseyside except Southport seem to be Labour. One other exception is a seat that doesn't seem to have been decided yet. I'm sure it never used to be that red...except that Blair isn't red at all.
The landing at Auckland was the bumpiest I have ever had at Auckland, but about the same as a normal day in the capital. And the flight to Tauranga was on the smallest plane I have been on since we left Vanuatu.
I'll probably go wandering over to the place where the convention is taking place, Baycourt, in about half an hour. There won't be much going on there for a while. The evening festivities start at 7. District executive at 5, but I no longer sit on that august committee.
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