Ian (ringbark) wrote,

0.00kb in Wellington

We're very happy that our next door neighbour has a phone now, but not happy that when Telecom NZ installed it, they disconnected our TelstraClear line. However, Telstra can send someone out on Tuesday...this is not acceptable.
Viv, David, Matthew and Christopher can't deal with that long without a telephone line and internet connectivity. Once you've been through voice recognition hell, Telstra will eventually talk to you and then have someone lie about a team leader calling you back. This has now happened twice. We're not hopeful about a quick resolution to this.
Ideally we'd get a Telecom engineer and a Telstra engineer out togethe and have them discuss it with other civilly. Is this ever likely to happen? It is theoretically possible...

Meanwhile in Tauranga, the convention has finished for the night quite early. It was a casino night with funny money and a blind auction afterwards. I ended up with a useful card device which contains tweezers, needles, scissors and the like, which I probably don't want to take in an aircraft cabin with me. Not a bad evening, but showing evidence of some very odd practices in the "casino" environment, leading to some people having a nominal $380m from a $3m base for the evening. This ain't going to happen in real life.
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