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A full day

Up early for breakfast and a shower and checking LJ and email, much the same same as at home...but then the similarities ended. Still, off to the early Toastmasters bit. The queue at the credentials desk, sometimes of legendary length, was nil when I got there, so it was a painless process. Gavin Blakey, past International President was the keynote speaker, but the main excitement was after lunch, when the annual Communication and Leadership Award was presented to His Worship The Mayor or Invercargill, Tim Shadbolt. His acceptance speech showed that he's still in fine form.
The main Toastmasters event this morning was the evaluation contest, won by Alun Chisholm, the man who helped me get onto the national TV news back in ?2002?.
In other news, it's off to the annual dinner in about an hour and a half. We have half a promise for Telstra to come out and visit us on Sunday after 1pm. Viv and I will believe it when we see it...
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