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The week continues much as planned

Thursday morning saw another early start, with a Toastmasters meeting. Things at work were much as they might have been otherwise. By late morning, was pretty hungry, having only had a scone with coffee for breakfast. The emergency snack bar across the road from the office had, for once, some reasonable sandwiches, roast lamb and mint sauce. This meant that the lunchtime meeting to plan our strategy for completing a questionnaire could continue without my feeling hungry.
By the middle of the afternoon, things had calmed down and were at the usual pace. I went off to SBC at just after five to start coaching Joe for the O'Shea oratory contest at the end of April. It seemed a promising start, and I think all is well there.
Home just after seven.
Friday was a really hard day to get up, largely because of the lateness of the hour we had gone to bed. We had been working on the Bodacion Challenge, which seems to have had only very light coverage so far. Friday was always going to be hard day to get up, being the last working day before daylight saving ends. That means from Sunday morning, we will be 12 hours ahead of GMT, 12 hours ahead of England, and not 13 as at the moment.
Lunch was at Tulsi, followed by a meeting at which the main item for discussion was the important but not unexpected news about the delay to the new Basel Accord.
By the time I was home, it was almost time for David to go out to the st Patrick's Day parade in Wellington, where he was being a clown. Viv and I watched Blue Heelers and then fell asleep while waiting for him to come home, the first time we have done so, but almost certainly not the last!
The morning saw a member of Matthew's cricket team come to collect him, even though we had said we would take him ourselves, followed by the coach himself, just to confirm this. I love it when people don't listen...
As usual on fine days, Matthew was playing cricket, David was playing softball, Christopher was playing t-ball, while Viv and I watched, chauffeured and wondered.
We discovered that David hat not the slightest notion as to who John Lennon was, resulting in us starting his education on popular music of the 60s and 70s.
The rest of the day has been fairly quiet. We played "Cheat" a couple of times today, for dinner tonight, fillet steak with potatoes and kumara. Very good indeed.
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